Oh! What a Day!

Oh! What a Day! (1923)

In 1923, The Gumps moved up to two-reel live-action comedies, with former Keystone Cop Joe Murphy as the chinless lead, pioneering comedienne-producer Fay Tincher as Min, and Jack Morgan as the rascally Chester. In this episode, the comedy begins with the announcement of Min’s tenth anniversary gift from Uncle Bim—a “tin” flivver. Primping for a family outing in the new car, Min breaks a mirror due to her son’s shenanigans. “That’s seven more years of bad luck, Chester,” she scolds. The rest of the action—in a hotel, on the road, and at the beach—proves her right. Angelinos will take delight in the scenes filmed at Ocean Park’s Lick Pier, just months before it was destroyed by fire.

  • Norman Taurog

38 Uvedení: 1923-11-13
  • Orig. jazyk: en