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Vijayan was an Indian actor, primarily concentrated in Malayalam and Tamil films. He was a saleable hero of Tamil films in late 70s. Later he was a much sought-after character actor. Post 2000, most the films he appeared crossed 100 days. He died following a cardiac arrest at a private hospital in Chennai in 2007, at this moment, he was shooting for Aayudham Seivom. He was not only one of the more popular actors in Tamil cinema of his time, but also a scenarist and had also edited a magazine. Vijayan was married and was the father of a daughter.

Vijayan - Filmer
May 17, 1944
v series Tüskevár 1967-03-01
Poslední film:
Serial 일단 뜨겁게 청소하라 2018-11-26
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