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Mary Ann Jackson

American former child actress who appeared in Our Gang short subjects series between 1928 and 1931. Her career began under the shadow of her actor relatives, mother Charlotte Jackson, and older sister, "Peaches" Jackson". Jackson made her film debut in a 1925 Ruth Taylor short, "Dangerous Curves". Her first big break came with the role of Baby Smith in the comedy short series "The Smiths", which starred Billy Gilbert. Se made her feature debut in 1927's "Smith's Pony". Jackson joined the Hour Gang (Little Rascals) cast in 1928, at the tail end of the silent era. Often used as the second female lead or the spunky older sister of "Wheezer" (Bobby Hutchins), Mary Ann's snappy delivery came in handy during the series's somewhat rocky transition to sound. With her bob hairstyle and freckles, tomboyish Mary Ann was a vast departure from the winsome miniature heroines who would populate the series before and after her tenure. Mary Ann Jackson died of heart attack at her home, at the age of 80. She was cremated and ashes scattered off the island of Oahu, Hawaii. 

Mary Ann Jackson - Filmer
Jan 14, 1923 v Los Angeles, California, USA
v movie Spanking Breezes 1926-03-14
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Film Stage Mother 1933-09-29
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