Maggie (1981)

Maggie is a British television series produced by the BBC between 1981 and 1982. It was based on a quartet of books written by Joan Lingard during the 1970s - 'The Clearance', 'The Resettling', 'The Pilgrimage' and 'The Reunion'. Set in the city of Glasgow, the series centred around teenager Maggie McKinley and the problems of adolescence as she aspired to further education, a career and an independent life whilst her parents expected her to take a secure job, get married and "settle down". Much of the action also centred around Maggie staying with her feisty octogenarian grandmother in Inverness-shire: the latter frequently acted as an important confidante to her granddaughter. The two series followed Maggie's progress, ending as she faces a crossroads in her life - whether to go to university or work for the family business. The theme music was by pop star B. A. Robertson.

  • Spike Lee

  • Spike Lee

185 Uvedení: 1981-10-24
Seasons: 1
  • Orig. jazyk: En