The Grand Dame

The Grand Dame (1931)

Peggy is a gangster's moll from New Jersey, living a pampered life in Manhattan with three French maids. Blue bloods from England have invited her to tea this afternoon; she's looking forward to her initiation into high society. She takes a Rolls to a club where she's greeted by a team of fakers who plan to sell her a membership in an exclusive but fictive club - for $25,000. As Peggy tries to be refined, will the grifters succeed in the con?

  • Arthur Hurley

  • Stanley Rauh

94 Uvedení: 1931-05-05
  • Země: US
  • Orig. jazyk: English
  • Minut: 9
Patsy Kelly
Patsy Kelly
Peggy O'Rourke
Winifred Harris
Winifred Harr...
Lady Witherspoon aka English Annie (uncredited)
Matt McHugh
Matt McHugh
Donald Kirke
Donald Kirke