Father Jejemon

Father Jejemon (2010)

Father Jeremiah Jerome Montes has been asked by his old friend Father Baby to help him run the parish of Parmbil. Father Jejemon, as he’s known, has a knack for connecting with the young people of the community. But as soon as he gets there, he only encounters resistance. Father Baby’s sister Violetta doesn’t seem too keen on Father Jejemon running things. Worse yet, the ruthless businessman who owns the town has his sights on demolishing the Church in order to make way for a golf course. But Father Jejemon soldiers on, helping people out and showing them a new way to do things.

  • Frank Gray Jr.

  • Roy Vera Cruz
  • Larry Faraon

91 Uvedení: 2010-12-25
  • Země: PH
  • Minut: 105