Rivalinnen der Liebe

Rivalinnen der Liebe (1999)

The spoiled Leonora swears eternal revenge on her classmate Cassie out of jealousy and ensures that the orphan girl flies from boarding school. Years later, Cassie marries the stud owner Tyrone, the ex-lover of Leonora's mother. Leonora has an intrigue that nearly ruins Tyrone and puts a strain on his marriage. Cassie is miscarrying. After the accidental death of Tyrone she challenges her rival to an all-important horse race.

  • Karola Meeder

113 Uvedení: 1999-12-03
  • Země: DE
  • Orig. jazyk: Deutsch
  • Minut: 85
Rolf Becker
Rolf Becker
Katja Woywood
Katja Woywood
Cassie McGann
Walter Sittler
Walter Sittle...
Tyrone Ross
Tina Ruland
Tina Ruland
Leonora von Wagner
Gila von Weitershausen
Gila von Weit...
Mutter von Leonora