Ein Liebhaber zuviel ist noch zu wenig

Ein Liebhaber zuviel ist noch zu wenig (2002)

Anna, married to the lawyer Rainer, despite all remorse, begins a liaison with the charming pharmaceutical representative Lars - fortunately the husband of her friend Bettina. Their meeting in a luxury hotel has fatal consequences: Anna and Lars are ear-witnesses of a supposed murder on the head of a call girl ring. Mistakenly, Anne's brother Max was suspected of doing something. Bettina, who has useful contacts due to her thriving wellness center, ensures that Max is released on bail. However, to acquit him they need Anna's statement - which would inevitably reveal her affair with Lars. So there has to be another solution...

  • Wolf Gremm

192 Uvedení: 2002-11-01
  • Země: DE
  • Orig. jazyk: Deutsch
Tina Ruland
Tina Ruland
Anna Schröder
Helmut Zierl
Helmut Zierl
Rainer Schröder
Marijam Agischewa
Marijam Agisc...
Bettina Fachmin
Herbert Herrmann
Herbert Herrm...
Lars Fachmin
Isolde Barth
Isolde Barth
Friederike Leuthental
Rolf Becker
Rolf Becker
Richter Siegfried Leuthental
Peter Sattmann
Peter Sattman...
Martin Krüger