Willkommen in Babylon

Willkommen in Babylon (1995)

Angelika Romberg is a driving-instructor recently left by her husband. Currently she has two more problems. She does not know how to use her driving school's computer and she has an absolutely untalented client, Norbert Prechtel. It can be truly said that Norbert is a computer pro. Both dislike each other, but what they yet don't know is that they both are frequently chatting on the computer dialogue system Babylon as Roxanne and Alexander...

  • Rolf Silber

90 Uvedení: 1995-09-13
  • Země: DE
  • Orig. jazyk: Deutsch
  • Minut: 89
Oliver Stokowski
Oliver Stokow...
Norbert Prechtel
Christoph M. Ohrt
Christoph M....
Rainer Zeissler
Nina Hoger
Nina Hoger
Angelika Romberg