Da Best in da West 2: Da Western Pulis Istori

Da Best in da West 2: Da Western Pulis Istori (1996)

You've just got to hand it to the king of comedy. His being king in the laughter-making ring is no joke and no laughing matter either. So when Dolphy comes to town to try his hand on hard action with another figure of royalty, the king of stunts, Lito Lapid in one great action-comedy package, the adventure and the misadventure takes a new dimension. So if Lito is to try his hand at getting to your funnybones, here we have the king of comedy no less doing what the king of stunts does best do the death defying with as much daring to bring the whole house down. Dolphy do his wacky version of the famed Levi's jeans Bombastic commercial as he glides comically down to the fiery business of the movie's finale all in the spirit of fun and with the results sure to keep audiences rolling in laughter. - Written by ledster

  • Danilo Cabreira

  • Woodrow Serafin

96 Uvedení: 1996-01-01
  • Země: PH
Lito Lapid
Lito Lapid
Larry Lopez
Agot Isidro
Agot Isidro
Lea Macanto
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