Club Las Piranjas

Club Las Piranjas (1995)

Karl-Heinz, a filling-station attendant, and his family, Herta, a retiree, Kurt, a drugstore branch manager, and Margot, a divorced man-hunter, have only one thing in common: they have booked a holiday at Club Las Piranjas, where they want to relax from their nerve-racking occupations. But there are three people knowing a way to prevent this. Most notably the two animators Edwin and Biggy, who don't allow any amusement outside their own plans, and of course the always drunken club chief Mrs. Wenger, whose only thought is, that there shouldn't be any reclamation from the travel agency. Apart from the scruffy condition of the Club (no water in the pool, etc). and the obscure Club activities involving Biggy and Edwin, the vacation becomes a complete horror trip, with only one end in sight, which is to part from the club as soon as possible. Written by Stefan Fey

  • Ulli Baumann

  • Doris J. Heinze
  • Hape Kerkeling

149 Uvedení: 1995-06-28
themoviedb icon 6.9/10
  • Země: DE
  • Orig. jazyk: Deutsch
  • Minut: 89
Judy Winter
Judy Winter
Dr. Renate Wenger
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Hape Kerkelin...
Angelika Milster
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Michael Brand...
Karl-Heinz Schadletzki
Katharina Schubert
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Margot Kemper
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Horst Krause
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