Saint Jude

Saint Jude (2000)

Teen-aged sisters Jude and Maureen, living with their volatile father in Montréal, live a life of substance abuse, hustling and petty theft. After Jude's father kicks her out of the house for her abusive and thieving ways, Jude is forced to survive on the streets with the assistance of her odd assortment of friends, including middle aged pedophile Clarence, pre-teen male hustler Georgie, pimp Big Al, and Maureen's junkie boyfriend Gabe. Georgie has a crush on Jude, while Jude unrealistically fantasizes about a normal married life with Gabe. All the while, Jude is also trying to elude the sadistic Mink, who she inadvertently crossed

  • John L'Ecuyer

  • Heather O'Neill
  • Esta Spalding

166 Uvedení: 2000-10-06
  • Země: CA
  • Orig. jazyk: English | Français
  • Minut: 92