De skrigende halse

De skrigende halse (1993)

Copenhagen 1984. Ronni is a young, mediocre punk-guitarist, eager to make it big in the death obsessed late-punk milieu. But his girlfriend has left him, the other members of his band are fed up with his incompetence and insecure attitude, he has a problem with his stomach, his doctor wants to abuse him sexually and the former manager of the band thinks Ronni owes him some money. It seems to reach an ultimate low, when Ronni collapses onstage during an all-important concert, but it turns out to be his ticket to glory as he claims to be mortally ill

  • Søren Fauli

  • Bo Hr. Hansen
  • Søren Fauli

9 Uvedení: 1993-03-07
themoviedb icon 7.1/10
  • Země: DK
  • Orig. jazyk: Dansk
  • Minut: 65