Tales from the Neverending Story: Resurrection

Tales from the Neverending Story: Resurrection (2003)

The Childlike Empress lies in limbo between life and death and the only hope for her kingdom lies in the ability of a young boy to transcend the boundaries of fantasy in this tale of myth and magic that is certain to capture the imagination. As young Bastian opens the pages of "The Neverending Story," he learns that the Childlike Princess is near death and Fantasia is in danger of falling prey to the Dark Princess Xayide. Soon falling through the written page and into a world beyond his wildest imagination, Bastian's alter ego Atreyu must enlist the help of his trusty sidekick Fly Girl and mischievous hucksters Rip Rowdy and Wexlerian if there is any hope of unlocking the mystery of the Southern Oracle and awakening the Childlike Empress to bring order back to Fantasia. Part 4 of 4 in DVD releases

  • Gilles Walker
  • Giles Walker

  • Michael Ende
  • Leila Basen
  • Karin Howard

168 Uvedení: 2003-07-10
themoviedb icon 5/10
  • Země: US
  • Orig. jazyk: English
Mark Rendall
Mark Rendall
Bastian Balthazar Bux
Victoria Sanchez
Victoria Sanc...
Tyrone Benskin
Tyrone Benski...
Tyler Hynes
Tyler Hynes
John Dunn Hill
John Dunn Hil...
Carl Coreander
Edward Yankie
Edward Yankie
Mr. Blank
Noel Burton
Noel Burton
Michael Bux
Brittany Drisdelle
Brittany Dris...
Sally Taylor-Isherwood
Sally Taylor-...
Stefanie Buxton
Stefanie Buxt...
Fly Girl
Robert Crooks
Robert Crooks
Jane Wheeler
Jane Wheeler
Laura Bux
Greg Kramer
Greg Kramer
Rip Rowdy
Emma Campbell
Emma Campbell
Lisa Bronwyn Moore
Lisa Bronwyn...
Martha Finnegan
John Dunn-Hill
John Dunn-Hil...
Carl Coreander