Penarek Becha

Penarek Becha (1955)

The story tells us about a trishaw puller, Amran, and a rich young lady, Azizah. She fell in love with him but their relationship was not approved by her father, orang kaya Marzuki. Ghazali, a gangster entered the scenario when he befriended Marzuki after an accident and put up a false front when he realised Marzuki has a beautiful daughter. Marzuki, not knowing Ghazali's background, trusted him and decided to marry Azizah off to Ghazali. Azizah ran away and went to Amran's shed. Ghazali confronted them and Amran's mother was stabbed in the shoulder. When Marzuki found out the truth that Ghazali was a gangster, he called the wedding off but Ghazali threatened to kill and stole his money. Amran brought Azizah back to her home and managed to stop Ghazali from running away. Marzuki, realised that true beauty lies within and agreed to marry his daughter to Amran.

  • P. Ramlee

115 Uvedení: 1955-10-25
themoviedb icon 5/10
  • Orig. jazyk: Bahasa melayu
  • Minut: 106