Semerah Padi

Semerah Padi (1956)

Aduka and Teruna are sworn brothers. They have been tasked to keep the law and order according to the Islam ways of the village, Semerah Padi. The village Headmaster has a daughter, Dara, whom has fallen for Aduka secretly. The Headmaster decided to marry his daughter to Teruna not knowing about the relationship between Dara and Aduka. The lovebirds were heart broken but decided to keep things to themselves, Dara not wanting to go against her father's wishes and Aduka not wanting to hurt his brother. The country was attacked by the pirates and Teruna was sent by the Headmaster to render his services to the Sultan. Whilst Teruna was away, Semerah Padi was attacked by Borek and his gang and Dara was kidnapped. Aduka managed to kill Borek and rescued her. With love and passion overcoming their emotions, they committed adultery. Teruna came back victorious and discovered what had happened. What was Teruna's reaction? What happened to Dara and Aduka?

  • P. Ramlee

  • S. Sudarmaji
  • Omar Rojik

84 Uvedení: 1956-05-14
  • Orig. jazyk: Bahasa melayu
  • Minut: 100
P. Ramlee
P. Ramlee
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